Connor Chella

“I started out bricklaying from school, however, I always wanted to follow in my brothers footsteps and become a traditional barber. From cutting hair in the cabin on site to using my mums attic as my first shop, I always knew this was what I wanted to do as a career. I achieved my qualification at City Gents barbers in the centre of Leeds and built up experience from there.

My favourite type of cuts are afro’s and clipper work. I started Urban Esquire in April 2015 and now have a great team of barbers who are all as passionate as me about what they do. The shop has a distinctive style and we hope to carry on building on the brand and maybe one day expand!”


Jonny Wobz

“After leaving school to be a welder/fabricator, I quickly realised that kind of work wasn’t for me. From starting my career hairdressing at TW Hair to moving to a local barber shop, where I was a barber exclusively for 4 years, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been at Urban Esquire for 2 years now and love being part of the brotherhood. I appreciate traditional & modern cuts, and I’m a proud Yorkshire lad who’s partial to sinking a few rums.”

Chris Atkinson

“I left school at 17 and did my level 2 hairdressing. From there I started my first job in barbering where I worked for four years and did my level 2 and 3 in barbering. Now at urban Esquire I’m going to further my education and pursue my passion to the highest level possible, to benefit me and the shop! My favourite cuts to do are skin fade slick backs and cropped textured styles, but i’m also open to other various styles and looks. When I’m away from the shop I like to sit at home with my feet up and chill!”

Jake Lawrence

“I left school at 16 and decided to try hairdressing, I worked at Arkitec for 2 years and completed my level 2 and 3, after completing college I realised working in a room full of ladies was too difficult! I then went on to work in a barber shop and learned more barber focused skills. My favourite cuts are scissor cuts & tapers. When not cutting hair I’ll either be boxing or watching David Attenborough documentaries!”

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